Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. At Last!

Well the wedding week and honeymoon week has come and gone and Jon and I couldnt be more happier to begin our lives together. We had an amazing time celebrating our love and lifting up the Lord at our wedding ceremony and reception. We are truly blessed with amazing friends and family that came to support us and who have continued to shower us with grace as we have returned home. The honeymoon was FANTASTIC! We were amongst God's infinite wonder for sure as we soaked up the sun in paradise. Returning home was bittersweet, since we didn't want to leave the wonderful relaxation but were anxious to be home.
It has almost been a week now since we have returned and by looking at our house, you would not be able to notice that. As we work on the house everyday when we get off work, we still feel like none of the boxes are moving... This is a very slow process. We hope to have things in order by the weekend... Prayers are needed! Since I have been busy trying to get our home in order, uploading picutres of our wonderful wedding and honeymoon have been put aside. Pictures are coming I can assure you.
                                                                          Mrs. McDonald ( eeeek!!! )

One fun photo for now! Thanks Dad!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding week is here!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedding week is finally here!!! I am so excited for this upcoming event that I have sloo full emotions. Yesterday, we went to hear Dad preach and I barely made it through the service, well let me change that, I did not make it through the service without crying like a kid. I just don't know but I have had an overwelming mix of emotions between excitement, joy, and tears. I hope that I can get all of my crazy emotions out before the weekend or I will be a pretty funny looking bride crying the whole time. Jon on the other hand had a wonderful weekend at the beach with the groomsmen. They got to hang out on the water, deep sea fishing. They sure did catch a lot of fish. We are planing a fish fry soon for us to eat it all because there is no way I am eating fish for a year! :)
We are so blessed with such great friends and families that this week I am sure is going to fly by. We thank everyone who has supported us throughout our engagement. We cant wait to see you all and celebrate on Friday and Saturday!!
                                                         Love, Taylor